The Carly And Michael Party


carly & michael

AUGUST 26, 2017

It’s important for our wedding to be a celebration, yes about us, but also about all the all people who are important to us, have been there when we’ve grown as individuals, but most importantly have shaped us as a couple. We want to see you, celebrate with you, and possibly dunk your roody poo butt in the lake. At most weddings, the time you get to spend with your friends and loved ones always seems too short, playing second fiddle to the traditional hoopla. We decided to flip things upside down—plan a weekend with our favorite people and get married in between. Hence, the C.A.M.P.   

it’s here! watch the season finale of the c.a.m.p.

did the eight truck loads of china ever actually make it back? How many times has michael really worn his glitter YSL tuxedo? (the answer is more than you think) And is it really possible for a bride to have a moral hangover the day after her wedding? From the first dance to the dirrrrrty dancefloor here’s what went down at the carly and michael party … One year later (plus change) … and yes, WE’RE still together and times are still excellent

Very important musical credits in order of appearance on video: 1. Notorious B.I.G. Hypnotize Me (our recessional song) 2. Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child of Mine (father/daughter dance) 3. Bright Eyes This is the First Day of my Life (Michael’s aisle song) 4. Cat Power Good Woman (First dance) 5. Major Lazor Bubble Butt (the song the cops were called on) 5. The Pixies Where is my Mind (Carly’s aisle moment)

the aftermath …

Wedding pics are in (well, they’ve been in) but we finally put them all in one place for you to view HERE

(Most) all photos and video captured by the incredibly talented photography/video duo BABYHOUSE NEW YORK