The Carly And Michael Party

The Plot

Carly and Michael met in 2003 while attending Shattuck St. Mary’s School, a boarding school, located in Faribault, Minnesota. Through slick AIM game, means to transportation and boyish good looks, Michael captured Carly’s attention. Much to his delight, the two soon drew closer, developed a close friendship and eventually started dating senior year. They found love and the times were excellent.

There was only one problem—graduation ... Cue: Blink 182 song “Going Away to College”

Parting from Shattuck to attend different colleges inevitably led to C and M parting from each other. The two considered themselves close friends and kept in contact at first, but eventually it became one of those “home for the holiday” catch-up phone calls ... To Michael, their growing distance seemed to be confirmed when he took a short notice visit to Union College Carly’s senior year (her last sorority formal nonetheless) feeling she wasn’t interested. Meanwhile if Carly tells the story, she thought he looked SEXY af but was worried about complicating her last few weekends at college, not really understanding what that stomach knot really meant. After a goodbye at a gas station where Carly bought Michael Fluff (yes, the marshmallow spread) because he never had it ‘til that weekend and was an instant fan. The two departed, going their separate ways.

Fast forward to 2008, Michael started his senior year at OSU, while Carly took the plunge into the real real world having recently graduated from Union. Both possessed little inkling that their paths would ever cross again. But thanks to an unlikely hero, Ward Aimi, they did.

In October that year, Ward planned a road trip to Ohio in order to visit Cedar Point, the self proclaimed Roller Coaster Capital of the World. On his way, he intended to crash a night at Michael’s. This along with much pressure from her high school bestie Serapina for a lil’ reunion resulted in the perfect excuse for Carly to visit an old friend and flame. Plus it was Halloween weekend and she had the perfect pirate costume.

To say that either expected to rekindle a relationship, especially while dressed as a pirate and a hip hop hippopotamus, would be a stretch, but that’s exactly what happened. Carly saw Money Mike’s muscle-y arms and Gucci belt and this time immediately knew what those knots in her stomach were about. Over the course of the weekend the two once again experienced what it was like to be one, a couple. It was a feeling both mutually agreed, they’d rather not and could not live without.

Carly and Michael soon began dating again and in April 2016 Michael proposed (finally). They are in love again and times are excellent.